Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) is an intergovernmental institution that brings together civil society organisations and citizens from both sides of the Mediterranean to build trust and improve mutual understanding.



In the framework of its activities, the Belgian network of the Anna Lindh Foundation is pleased to invite the members of the network to a conference on Intercultural Dialogue given by Xavière Remacle, trainer of the Brussels Center for Intercultural Action (CBAI).


Meeting on February 2nd from 3 to 5 pm.


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call for project

The foundation wants to offer training courses and wants to call on the expertise of its members for this purpose.
It is looking for members who are able to develop and implement online trainings on the following three themes:
– Emerging intercultural challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region
– Management of intercultural organizations and projects
– Strategic planning, governance and leadership for civil society organizations

Deadline February 13th 2023


call for project

Tandems of research/academic institutes and civil society organizations

Drafting of notes and policy papers on one of the following topics

    – Social innovation as a catalyst for social inclusion in culturally diverse Euro-Mediterranean societies

    – Empowerment of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region to combat gender stereotypes

    – Integration of social dimensions in climate change policies in the Euro-Mediterranean region

    – International cultural relations and diplomacy to build bridges between the two shores of the Mediterranean

Deadline  February 27th 2023


the Belgian network in brief

More than 100 members
The Belgian network includes organisations that are active in the following areas:

Social | Culture | Environment | Youth | Education | Humans rights | Employment | Training | Health

Join the Belgian network

Do you want to meet up with and exchange ideas with other Belgian and Euro-Mediterranean associations? Then you are in the right place! Why not become a member of the network! Depending on your availability, you will be invited to participate in activities and projects of the ALF, to share information with members and partners, to get involved in working groups, and to participate in the general assembly, for example. Annual membership is free.

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