Euro-Mediterraanse Stichting voor de dialoog tussen culturen

Nieuw rapport van de Anna Lindh Stichting

Posted on 04/08/2014

Informatie in het Engels.

New Report exposes value trends and perceptions across the Mediterranean

European citizens and those in countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean have a growing appetite for mutual knowledge, but face the reality of an alarming rise of xenophobic and sectarian trends impacting on social cohesion across the region.

This is one of the primary findings a new report launched today by the Alexandria-based Anna Lindh Foundation, based on the very first comparative polling carried out by Gallup Europe with 13 member states of the Union for the Mediterranean, including: Albania; Belgium; Denmark; Egypt; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Jordan; Morocco; Poland; Spain; Tunisia; and Turkey. Find out more.

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