Euro-Mediterraanse Stichting voor de dialoog tussen culturen

Anna Lindh Forum

Posted on 13/05/2013

The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum is a unique gathering that brings together youth leaders and civil society organisations, in addition to influential policy-makers and intercultural experts from across the Euro-Mediterranean region. Convoked every three years by the Anna Lindh Foundation, our goal is to provide an innovative and participative space for debate, networking and good practice exchange on intercultural dialogue initiatives. We welcome unique perspectives, and the participation of people from diverse origins, cultures and beliefs who can turn new ideas into action following the Forum.

The second edition of the Anna Lindh Forum took place from 4th to 7th April in the French city of Marseille, European capital of culture for 2013.

Aiming at bringing citizens of the Euromed together, the 2013 Forum was launched under the slogan of “Citizens for the Mediterranean”, reflecting on the need for intercultural dialogue and cooperation to deal with challenges facing the region following historic Arab Awakening and the social impact of the economic crisis in Europe.

In this new Mediterranean context, the Forum was a landmark event for re-launching dialogue at the regional level. More specifically, the Forum was also an opportunity to address the major Trends, Tensions and Transitions facing the Euro-Mediterranean societies, and for adapting intercultural dialogue as a tool for civic participation.

Built on the successful first edition held in Barcelona, the agenda of the Forum had been conceived bottom-up through a series of preparation meetings involving the Anna Lindh National Networks and civil society groups, on ‘Youth’ (Istanbul and Luxemburg); ‘Women’ (Casablanca); ‘Migration’ (Algeria); ‘Institutional Cooperation’ (Cairo);  and ‘Media’ (Barcelona). The Forum will be a threefold format event: the AGORA (strategic debates and advocacy); the MEDINA (good practices and project ideas); and the INTERCULTURAL FAIR (networking and exchange).

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