CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to Inclusive Europe

CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe

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Established in 1990, CEJI is a Brussels-based INGO working in the field of diversity education and anti-discrimination advocacy. As our goal is to ensure that the fundamental human rights of all people are respected, we focus on reducing inter-communal tensions and strengthening social harmony.

Our work affirms the uniqueness of each person’s identity, supporting the UN Declaration on Human Rights to protect individuals so that they can reach their fullest potential. With a diverse staff and wide range of partners working across a variety of discrimination and social issues, CEJI brings a Jewish interface for intercultural relations and solidarity actions.


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Our mission is achieved through pro-active and positive measures: training, education, dialogue and advocacy

Training The prestigious Gold Award in Lifelong Learning was presented to CEJI in 2008 from the European Commission for the Religious Diversity & Anti-Discrimination Training Programme. CEJI has trained over 120 adult educators across a variety of sectors from more than 15 countries in just the last few years. Recent external evaluation results demonstrate long-term impacts on attitudes, behaviours, programmes and organisational policies.

Education More than 25.000 pupils and 6.000 teachers have been reached via the 120 teacher trainers that have been trained by CEJI. Peer education has been put on the European map via the European Peer Training Organisation, an initiative set up by CEJI which has trained 700 peer trainers active in their local youth movements.

Dialogue The challenges and opportunities of Jewish Muslim dialogue have been faced head-on with the establishment of the European Platform for Jewish Muslim Cooperation. The latest activity of the Platform was the December 2009 seminar for youth leaders on Antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Media.

Advocacy Collaboration is key to CEJI. It is an active member of numerous coalitions, including the Platform for Intercultural Europe and the European Network Against Racism. In the past, CEJI dedicated resources to joint actions such as the shaping of Article 13 of the Amsterdam Treaty which guarantees the right to non-discrimination. Recent advocacy actions of CEJI include: a Policy Response to the proposed EU Equality Directive, and a campaign for MEP signatures on the 2009 London Declaration to Combat Antisemitism.

Mission and objectives

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CEJI inspires, engages, trains and supports change agents in Europe to create inclusive environments in which people enjoy their full potential with all their diversity.

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